Spring Planting 2014

For us the Spring Panting began on the weekend of September 14. Despite our best intentions we ran out of time to plant seeds so had to buy seedlings from a nursery. Luckily, most of what we bought were either Heirlooms from Diggers or non-hybrid varieties from United Nurseries. 025

In one of the front fallow beds we prepared in winter using plenty of compost and chook poo we planted 4 tomatoes, a basil and some marigolds. The tomatoes are a mix of Cherry Roma, Lemon Drop and 2 Siberian from Diggers.


The other fallow bed is half planted with leeks. We plan on waiting a few weeks before planting some more.

006 (2)

The final bed out the front is still giving us plenty of spinach and rainbow chard. There are three cabbages which are doing okay, but if we have any more hot weather I suspect they will bolt.


My baby Lemon Bergamot was eaten by snails so I replaced it, this time using snail bait. We don’t usually use chemicals, but as I didn’t want to lose another one I felt I had no choice.


In the backyard one of the lower beds still has silverbeet growing but the remaining 3 1/4s were ready to go. We popped in a punnet of lettuces one of the 1/4s along with a couple more marigolds.


Two capsicums – red Chinese Giant and Mini Yellow from Diggers – went in next to the lettuce. Behind them we planted the eggplants Market Supreme and Fairy-tale (I have since found out that fairy-tale is a hybrid so no seed collecting from that one!).  We are going to direct sow some rocket and perpetual spinach in-between the capsicums and eggplants once they are a little bigger.

031 (2)

In the galvanized bed that was fallow for most of winter we planted button squash and more marigolds.


In one of the grey boxes we planted a couple of cherry tomatoes.

032 (2)

And put in a new Jalepeno. The viola is self-seeded.


We still have a number of grey boxes and another galvanized bed to go. The final two beds are still growing fennel and snow-peas.


The backyard is looking really lovely with its border of broad beans and splashes of colour from the flowers we planted to help attract bees.


The next two weekends we planted at the Patch. We had such a success with watermelons last year we decided to plant them again. The only issue is the bed next to us. Last year it was empty but this year it has broad beans that are creating quite a bit of shade. Therefore, we have only planted the sunny side so far.


We planted two different types of watermelon.


And some Blackjack zucchinis.


A couple of plants were eaten within the first couple of days so we covered the others with home-made cloches.


In our other patch we still have a few carrots, radishes, spring onions and Asian greens growing. In the bare spaces we put down some compost and planted another Market Supreme eggplant and an Amish Oxheart tomato from Diggers.


Plus another Chinese Giant red capsicum.

025 (2)

And my favourite, a mini chocolate capsicum.

006 (3)

It is still looking a little bare, but with some more compost the remainder should be ready to plant in a couple of weeks. Probably  with cucumbers, carrots and radish.

009 (3)

The Happy Patch is looking particularly glorious at the moment.


010 (2)


Hopefully, we will have a bumper crop this season!




About A Kailyard in Adelaide

A Kailyard in Adelaide! We are working hard to be domestically sustainable in the foothills of Adelaide. As we both work fulltime this is not an easy task, but we do our best growing much of our own produce in our yard and in our community garden plots. We reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible and try hard to not consume mindlessly. We have 5000 l of rainwater, a 5 kw solar system, and use a green energy provider for all our excess needs. Rachel: Mother, partner, teacher, writer, reader, crafter, cook, gardener, artist. Jamie: Father, partner, lecturer, therapist, would-be-politician, gardener, photographer, music lover.
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5 Responses to Spring Planting 2014

  1. I’m impressed with the variety of plants you have!

  2. Wow, your garden is looking fantastic and all ready to grow lots of yummy things! Thanks for sharing.

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