Winter harvests and new plantings.

003 (2)

At this time of year the front garden always looks wildly overgrown as there are hundreds of bulbs planted by a previous owner in the four large garden beds. While the jonquils and daffodils do look glorious, long grass grows in-between and it is impossible to weed it and do everything else we need in the garden. Ordinarily, we mulch it at the beginning of Autumn which keeps it somewhat in control, but this year we decided to save money. Bad move!


Last year ago I started a herb garden in the section of a garden bed closest to the front door. Even though I dug out many of the bulbs, there are still countless jonquils, sparaxis, blue stars, babianas, alstromeria and fressias, plus grass, growing in that patch. Now don’t get me wrong, I love flowers, but the payment for one month of gloriousness is five months of mess. Mess that neither of us has time to clean up. So last weekend, I dutifully weeded the herb patch and removed many bulbs. In their place I planted some new herbs, ones that I hope will grow big enough to take over the space and leave us with a little less work to do.


Another thyme, this one is a Creeping Mt Tomah which has edible flowers as well as leaves.


Lavender number 5, this time a French one. Already planted are a Butterfly, English, Italian and pink.


A Tansy.


And a Lemon Bergamot.


Plus another two punnets of my beloved violas.


Eventually this small area of the garden should look and smell magnificent!

Meanwhile at the Patch, we gave it a good weed and planted some Diggers seedlings where the broccoli trees were. We are hoping to get a little more produce from the bed before we recondition it for Spring.

016 (6)

We planted some more Yukina (a Japanese mustard green) as the last of the ones we planted at home are about to be harvested.

015 (5)

Plus some Tatsoi and Wombok.

We still have spring onions, leeks, radishes, garlic, cauliflowers, radish, purple carrots and Romanesco broccoli at the Patch.

001 (9) 003 (12) 007 (4)

The Romanesco broccoli heads are starting to grow quite large, it should only be a matter of weeks now before we get to eat them.

011 (6)

Sadly, one of our cauliflowers failed! Not sure why as Jamie had tied the leaves to stop it spreading and keep it white when the head was still tight.

009 (5)

Johnny-jump-ups keep appearing in the fallow patch. So many plants from one punnet of flowers planted last winter!

Currently we are harvesting some fabulous greens from both the Patch and home, I try and put them in most meals.


This lot of broccoli, broccoli leaves, spinach, kale and rainbow chard were added to a fabulous Green Chicken Curry.


Last December’s garlic has been hanging in the shed and is now dry enough to use.


And the birds have been enjoying last Summer’s Sunflowers!




About A Kailyard in Adelaide

A Kailyard in Adelaide! We are working hard to be domestically sustainable in the foothills of Adelaide. As we both work fulltime this is not an easy task, but we do our best growing much of our own produce in our yard and in our community garden plots. We reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible and try hard to not consume mindlessly. We have 5000 l of rainwater, a 5 kw solar system, and use a green energy provider for all our excess needs. Rachel: Mother, partner, teacher, writer, reader, crafter, cook, gardener, artist. Jamie: Father, partner, lecturer, therapist, would-be-politician, gardener, photographer, music lover.
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6 Responses to Winter harvests and new plantings.

  1. Looks great! I’m impressed with how busy your garden is through the winter!!

  2. Well done. We recently removed many bulbs from our front yard and planted natives for all year round greenery and flowers. We have also made over our herb patch and have lots of spares to give away. Let us know if you would like sage, feverfew or lemongrass 🙂

  3. Rachel and Jamie says:

    Thanks Veronique, that would be great!

  4. merrynsmenu says:

    What a delightful mixture of greens. Your garlic is amazing, you are lucky to grow it so well. It is hard to believe it is winter in Adelaide with all of your plants growing beautifully. Sometimes, like your cauliflower, I think the seed must be damaged to begin with as we all get this occasionally. Good growing Rachel and Jamie 😀

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