Monthly Round-up July


Once again it is Garden Share Collective time hosted by Lizzie, where a group of gardeners from all over Australia and the world, share what has been happening in their gardens over the past month and their intentions for the month to come. 

I am constantly amazed at how quickly time passes and this month has been no exception.  The garden has continued to grow and we have continued to battle the grubs. We are still not spraying anything and instead are using as many preventative measures as possible (copper tape, coffee grounds, fake butterflies, collecting by hand etc.). The kale has suffered the most.


The pak choy, yukina and silverbeet are doing well and we have been harvesting here and there. The few cabbage seedlings we planted are yet to be touched which is great!


The rocket, fennel and parsley parsnip patch is doing very well.


We tucked a cauliflower into a space where we had harvested some baby fennel.

017The broad bean patches are doing fabulously.


I planted sweet peas on the edges of each patch to attract bees. So far they are yet to flower, but one turned out to be a snow pea so perhaps they won’t flower at all.


The dwarf snow pea patch is doing well, but some of the seeds did not germinate. We will put some more in soon.

014 (2)

The broccoli patch is finally bearing fruit. 



The coriander is proving bountiful.


In the middle of the month we had a huge storm with fierce winds, hail and just over 20 mm of rain in a few hours. It caused some damage at home.

006 (2)

And havoc at the Patch. We lost 4 broccoli and a cauliflower, the rest of the vegetables were battered and bent, but survived.

015 (3)

009 (4)

Our second patch has been growing 2 types of green manure.


Both sides are now turned over and are sitting under a blanket of pea straw waiting for the weather to improve so we can do some new planting.

016 (4)

019 (3)

Back at home, the bulbs are starting to flower and the tansy is coming back.



We bought Miss Ruby a toy greenhouse from a not to be mentioned supermarket chain. She loved helping me (Grammy) put it together and sowing the chive seeds.

001 006 014 018

Ruby, Jamie and I have a serious case of chicken envy; the couple next door have two and they live right next to our fence!



007    004 (11) 044 017 (2)

Plus red pak choy, spinach, silverbeet, rocket, and baby fennel.

To do

Not much as we are away for over a week. Once we get back we shall make a decision about whether or not to continue persevering with the broccoli at the patch; no visible heads yet so we are worried the grubs got them. We shall probably plant some more spinach and rainbow chard in the spaces where the plants were broken by the storm. At home, we plan on starting some seed for late winter/early spring planting at the patch and in the fallow beds at home.



About A Kailyard in Adelaide

A Kailyard in Adelaide! We are working hard to be domestically sustainable in the foothills of Adelaide. As we both work fulltime this is not an easy task, but we do our best growing much of our own produce in our yard and in our community garden plots. We reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible and try hard to not consume mindlessly. We have 5000 l of rainwater, a 5 kw solar system, and use a green energy provider for all our excess needs. Rachel: Mother, partner, teacher, writer, reader, crafter, cook, gardener, artist. Jamie: Father, partner, lecturer, therapist, would-be-politician, gardener, photographer, music lover.
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10 Responses to Monthly Round-up July

  1. Linda says:

    Tansy making a return??? I had it once – it never went away to make a return. Until we had a verrrry determined effort, and dug it right out as it was taking over. Your garden is looking good!

  2. merrynsmenu says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing your July post and how amazing it is too. All of those healthy greens, what is yukina? Is it an stir fry green like pak choy? Your broad beans are so BIG. The Kale is delightfully sprouting out. Green energy sounds good. Well done Rachel and Jamie:D

    • Rachel and Jamie says:

      Thanks Merryn 🙂 Yukina savoy is a Japanese mustard green, we haven’t tried it yet but are assured it tastes great.

  3. Your garden is thriving for winter. I really must invest some time and make some fake cabbage moths to deter them from our garden. Much better than spraying.

    • Rachel and Jamie says:

      I know it is much better Liz, but it can be disheartening when you lose plants to the little buggers! Still we persevere.

  4. What an awesome brassica collection! Seems like your collecting and squishing campaign is working. The kale doesn’t look to bad to me; when it is down to bare ribs, then I worry.
    That rain damage is impressive. I hope the plants have recovered.

    • Rachel and Jamie says:

      Thanks Bek. We have just returned from an 8 day holiday in Narooma, the garden seems to have looked after itself just fine while we were away. The damaged plants are recovering nicely.

  5. Tiina says:

    Wow, quite a garden you have, Rachel! And what a job with this blog. Great photos, too! 😀

    • Rachel and Jamie says:

      Thanks for looking Tiina 🙂 I love the photos on your blog, but as I cannot read the Finnish directions I can’t comment on them!

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