June long weekend

There isn’t really much to be done in the garden at this time of year. There is weeding of course, but mostly we are just waiting till harvest begins in earnest. Still, we did spend some time at the Happy Patch and in the garden this long weekend.

The green manure at Patch #1 is growing well. We planted it in halves, one about 4 weeks before the other. The first half was just mustard and the second a green manure mix including mustard, clover, rye, vetch and lucerne. It will be interesting to see if there are any differences in future growth.


Jamie turned over the mustard half yesterday. It still needs to be covered with pea straw.

021 027

In Patch #2 we are trying yet another idea to try and deter those pesky cabbage moths: bread tags attached to leaves as imitation moths!


It was nice to see our stick insect friend is still hanging around.


We also harvested our first cauliflower earlier in the week.

001 (2)

And a few big handfuls of kale.

008 (2)

At home we did some tidying and finally planted one of the three beds in the front yard. Simply no time before now. We planted rainbow chard, spinach and some more cabbages. It’s a little late for cabbage, but as the weather has been unseasonably warm for most of the past two months we thought we would give them a go.


And while that looks like overgrown grass surrounding the bed it is mostly freesias, sparaxis and jonquils. The front looks a mess at the moment but once they all start flowering it will be a different story.

2013-8-4 (1)  010

We also planted white violas in with the cabbage, spinach and chard as cabbage moth deterrents.


Out the back we planted a few more cabbages among the yukina, kale, red pak choy and silverbeet, filling holes where we had previously harvested or where seeds simply hadn’t germinated. We also popped in a few more white violas (I think one might be orange).


And in the snowpea bed we put a couple more Romanesco broccoli seedlings.


This week I cooked a gluten free dinner for friends;  Braised lamb with kale and white beans  served with Mustard and fennel roasted vegetables. I used our kale, rosemary, winter savory, oregano, thyme, cauliflower, and fennel. Earlier in the week we used the last of our pumpkins as a side, had steamed kale and red pak choy as a side twice, and used our cabbage in a Potato, bacon and cabbage soup.  It’s lovely to be eating lots of our own organic produce again!

008 (3)

Lastly, we splurged this weekend and bought a much needed plant stand for the only part of our garden that I have never discussed on the blog. When we bought the house it was described as the “Queensland room”. It’s a covered courtyard area between the kitchen and the lounge with pull-down plastic café blinds. Beyond the blinds is a path leading to the front and back yards, a small patch of earth and a Maple tree. We call it the “dogs’ room” as that is where Tilly and Rory have their kennels and the garden beyond is used as their run. In the dogs’ room we have lots of ferns and indoor plants. As Rory is a puppy he has no sense and tends to eat the plants which make him sick so everything has had to be moved out of his reach, hence the need for a stand.


The photos are dark but will give some idea of what plants we have growing.

014 015

The only other photo I could find of that area is one of Rory when he was just a wee fellow.







About A Kailyard in Adelaide

A Kailyard in Adelaide! We are working hard to be domestically sustainable in the foothills of Adelaide. As we both work fulltime this is not an easy task, but we do our best growing much of our own produce in our yard and in our community garden plots. We reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible and try hard to not consume mindlessly. We have 5000 l of rainwater, a 5 kw solar system, and use a green energy provider for all our excess needs. Rachel: Mother, partner, teacher, writer, reader, crafter, cook, gardener, artist. Jamie: Father, partner, lecturer, therapist, would-be-politician, gardener, photographer, music lover.
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2 Responses to June long weekend

  1. merrynsmenu says:

    What a gorgeous puppy and your garden is so lush with beautiful organic produce 😀

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